Community Conversation with NAMI WC and the Northfield Township Area Library

Purpose: You have been invited to participate in a discussion group with NAMI Washtenaw County and the Northfield Township Area Library to share perspectives and experiences about your community. During the community conversation, you will be asked about the needs of caregivers in your community and the services available in your community to meet those needs. The information shared will be used to support planning to ensure that the right mix of services and activities are available to caregivers throughout the county. 

Procedure: The focus group will consist of 6-10 participants and will be facilitated by two leaders from NAMI WC and the Northfield Township Area Library. The community conversation will last approximately 60 minutes. The community conversation will consist of a survey and a group discussion. 

Voluntary Participation: Your participation in this community conversation is voluntary. You are not obligated to participate in this discussion. If you do participate, you can join in the conversation as much or as little as is comfortable. You may choose not to answer any questions. You may leave the group at any time and for any reason. 

Benefits and Risks: The benefit of participation is the opportunity to inform NAMI WC of your views on the community’s strengths and needs. There are no direct benefits or known risks to your participation in this project. Should you experience any distress from participating in this focus group, please notify the contact listed below. 

Confidentiality: This focus group is confidential. Only staff and volunteer leaders at NAMI, or agencies contracted by NAMI to do work related to the needs assessment, will be able to access information about your participation in this group. A report of this assessment may be published, however only de-identified or group results will be stated. No personally identifying information about you will be published or presented. We ask that participants respect the privacy of other group members by not disclosing any content of discussions. 

Questions: If you have any questions about the community conversation or the needs assessment process, please contact Maria Alfonso at

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