A Personal Story

I believe that just as someone with diabetes might need to take a pill or get medical attention, the same goes for someone with a mental health condition. A person with a mental health condition is not their diagnosis or a label, but a person just like anyone else. Continue reading A Personal Story

Featured Volunteer: Andréa May

Andréa (Ahn-dray-ah) May is a newer volunteer with NAMI WC. She lives with mental health challenges and has graduated from NAMI’S eight-week Peer-to-Peer education class. Andréa has told her powerful story several times to youth and the general public. Helping others learn more about mental health is her passion. A photo of Andréa May WhyContinue reading Featured Volunteer: Andréa May

Moving Toward Meditation

By Ingrid Worth I have always been a somewhat anxious person, prone to overthinking small decisions and spending hours worrying about relatively trivial events and assignments. I felt overwhelmed and stressed when busy, and impatient and restless when I had a break. Like many others, the past year only increased my tension, leaving me feelingContinue reading Moving Toward Meditation

A Poem

Recovery is Loss for Susan, once my therapist  You were so skilled that after ten, patient years of therapy my inner child graduated bridled yet unbroken, and so much kinder. I forgive myself, help myself to second chances, exile always and never from my lexicon. Empathy has routed shame. A raucous dinner party once ruledContinue reading A Poem

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A Personal Story

By Frank Pace I remember laying in my bed when I was about five or six and wondering why I felt like I just didn’t belong, or if there was just something wrong with me…I felt defective. It was like everybody else had instructions for living and I never got mine. As I got older,Continue reading A Personal Story

A Conversation with Sarah

By Jeff One evening, I had a little “conversation” with my dog, Sarah. It was a cold December Saturday night during the height of the COVID outbreak. I had been on disability the past three months because I was so physically and mentally unhealthy. My wife and I separated just a few weeks before IContinue reading A Conversation with Sarah