Reflection: A Living Hell

Approximately six years ago I experienced my last psychotic relapse which inspired this poem, reflecting the state of my mind as I went through this living hell as portrayed in the first stanza. Ultimately, however, I found great hope for my recovery in the words of sacred scripture which have been a source of abundant strength for me in my struggle with a serious mental disorder. Today, I continue to be inspired by the hope I have found in my higher power as reflected in my closing. Thank you for letting me share.Continue reading Reflection: A Living Hell

Reflection: Finding Happiness in Wisdom

I asked my wife, “What do you see in front of you?” She responded by pointing out the beautiful neatly trimmed grass and flowers along with a gorgeous landscape of boulders decorating a riverbed and a huge healthy maple tree. My perception, however, was much different. I saw the work put into keeping the lawn trimmed and the effort put forth by the tractors to place the boulders by the riverbed.Continue reading Reflection: Finding Happiness in Wisdom

Reflection: Finding Faith in Crisis

From personal experience, I know how hard it may be to find faith in the depths of a psychotic break or in the turmoil of a major relapse; however, I strongly encourage anyone who is in this situation and/or has any questions about their spirituality to seek and/or continue any professional help for your situation and consult a spiritual leader of your choice especially if you have never given much thought to your spiritual journey.Continue reading Reflection: Finding Faith in Crisis

Finding Hope in Love

In all my articles to date, I have presented my interpretation of some very abstract virtues such as hope and love; however, I would like for you to consider the fact that these virtues can be developed in very specific and concrete ways such as self-care, personal responsibility, and reading the testimonies of others who have experienced circumstances you may or may not have found yourself in.Continue reading Finding Hope in Love