A Poem

What if I Could?

By William


What now would you have me do?

I cast my eyes up to the sky

And above me, I see one red leaf

On a green tree.


I see myself standing out

And yet hidden,

Jumping to fulfill my purpose

But only one of many whom you love.


What are we doing here?

Why does life not seem free?

My mind is so warped from this world

I cannot see the gift given to me.


What would my life be,

If I could love without fear in my heart?

What if I could reach up and take it

And know I am loved and can love?


I look up again.

There is another red leaf behind.

I’ve long thought and now can see,

There are so many more like me.

William lives in mid-Michigan. He is married and has a four-year-old daughter. He has written poetry for 28 years, wrote for a spiritual blog for five years, and writes for various blogs and newsletters.

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