A Poem

End of All Things

By William


Sometimes the end comes.

At first you don’t know why,

And then time reveals

That what you had has died.


At first time may ravage you,

And anger may burn in your eyes.

Let the shadow of sadness fall,

So you may discover why.


The rain will drive down hard and cold

And the sky, she will gather to black

And you’ll be tossed to the rolling deck

With the storm on the wind at your back.


Lean then into the wind

And hold tight in waves that cruelly come.

Soon you will recall what I foretold:

You are your Father’s son.


When you have to mourn

Then mourn.

When you have to cry,

Then cry.

It’s head down and on his knees

That a man remembers how to fly.



William lives in mid-Michigan. He is married and has a four-year-old daughter. He has written poetry for 28 years, wrote for a spiritual blog for five years, and writes for various blogs and newsletters.

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