A Poem

I Write and Rewrite My Own Story Until it’s Right for Me

By Jane Hamilton

Is today the day that you write your story?

Of a life that ends not in doom, but in glory

I have spent much of my adult life wondering why I’m here

And I’ve chosen for pure love without any fear

I’ve turned my trauma into reasons to celebrate

And a life of positivity is sealed into my fate

My story is crystal clear in my mind

I was put on this Earth to be someone who is honest and kind

What are some bad things that have happened along your way?

Can you turn them into good reasons today?

I highly recommend finding the bright side for bad events

The level of joy you might feel about your life is intense

Jane had her first psychotic break when she was 37 years old and in a marriage that was harmful to her well-being. After a brutal divorce and years of psychotic manic episodes (with a pattern of wanting truth and love and world peace) and hospitalizations, she decided to eliminate the stress of her job and quit. Since then, she has been taking meds and attending groups regularly and has been episode free and plans to remain that way. She hopes to inspire others on their journeys to mental wellness.

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