Reflection: This Moment in Time

By Rachael Kim

Sometimes at night, crouched in the corner of my crumpled sheets, I feel loneliness creeping up on me. I am alone with my thoughts. 

Facing my inner self one-on-one can be a pretty difficult thing, I’ve learned. The more I try to connect with my thoughts, the more deep-rooted fears seem to grow. I picture many uncertainties of the future, from college to adulthood. Whenever my emotions and imagination seem to take me nowhere but deeper into the cave within me, I try to focus on the present. I focus on myself at this moment in time. 

The foods I have eaten today. 

My mother, father, sister who are always there for me. 

People I can reach out to if I ever feel helpless. 

The resilience in me. 

My lungs inhaling life every second. 

A prospect of the gift of a new day awaiting me. 

Friends I can fall back to. 

Sometimes life is hard. But I’ve noticed I tend to bring myself too deep into my own thoughts sometimes when at this moment in time, I might not be in such an agonizing state as I imagine.

Rachael (Doyeon) Kim is a student at Huron High School. She is passionate about mental health and also runs a podcast for teens. In her free time, she enjoys reading the works such as those of  Jane Austen and George Eliot, as well as spending time with friends.


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