A Poem: Spoken to a Friend

Spoken to a Friend

Annie Parsell-Wasik

I know too much, I’ve seen too much, I don’t know enough. I’m not strong enough…

Why can’t I be kind to myself? I spin toxicity like a spider but have no power to not get stuck in my own web of perceptions about myself. Evolution fails me. Change is my constant nemesis. 

Pain/trauma/grief makes you have a magnifying glass on all the could haves, want tos, never gonna haves…Mental illness, personality disorders they multiply the

Should have, fault lines, rage filled want for retribution that is never going to come.

I am a prisoner and executioner of my own mind. I struggle to find the beauty inside, outside, upside, all I have are downsides…

I must downsize. Smaller space, bigger trauma and add a dash more…Oops!! that’s a lot of grief…! I am the duality of strong but weak.

Anna Parsell-Wasik was born in Manhattan, New York but now resides in Michigan. She recently completed Peer to Peer facilitator training and is looking forward to leading her first class. She’s 35, a fire performer, artist, writer and loves to explore different forms of therapy and art. Her passion is to become a recreational therapist and she is looking to go back to college soon. 

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