Songs About Grief

By Jane Hamilton

Below are some songs about death and grief. I know that death is a natural part of life, but it’s certainly not easy to process or accept. In my mania, I would think that dead people were alive. Kenny Loggins’ ‘The Last Unicorn’ always got me at the end when he sang, “I’m alive.” I used to think it was about my mom; that she was alive.

Lukas Graham “Love Someone”

Dean Lewis “How Do I Say Goodbye?”

Luther Vandross “Dance with My Father”

Maroon 5 “Memories”

Elton John “Circle of Life”

Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth “See You Again”

Kenny Chesney “Who You’d Be Today”

Michael Jackson “Gone Too Soon”

P!nk “Who Knew”

Ed Sheeran “Eyes Closed”

Celine Dion “Goodbye’s (The Saddest Word)”

Jane had her first psychotic break when she was 37 years old and in a marriage that was harmful to her well-being. After a brutal divorce and years of psychotic manic episodes (with a pattern of wanting truth and love and world peace) and hospitalizations, she decided to eliminate the stress of her job and quit. Since then, she has been taking meds and attending groups regularly and has been hospitalization free and plans to remain that way. She hopes to inspire others on their journeys to mental wellness.

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