Image of Spencer Walz

Recognizing Spencer Walz’ Contributions as a Volunteer

Don’t underestimate the power of getting involved with organizations like NAMI! It’s therapeutic to volunteer and to be around others who walked similar walks. It’s super scary and hard to reach out and get involved. It’s worth it to lean into getting involved and seeking out communities that support those that struggle with mental health rather than stigmatizing it! Continue reading Recognizing Spencer Walz’ Contributions as a Volunteer

Featured Volunteer: Andréa May

Andréa (Ahn-dray-ah) May is a newer volunteer with NAMI WC. She lives with mental health challenges and has graduated from NAMI’S eight-week Peer-to-Peer education class. Andréa has told her powerful story several times to youth and the general public. Helping others learn more about mental health is her passion. A photo of Andréa May WhyContinue reading Featured Volunteer: Andréa May