NAMI WC Membership Management Portal

Would you like to renew your annual membership? A year ago, we updated the system to facilitate annual membership subscriptions to decrease administrative burden for sending out reminders. This transition allows us to spend more time doing outreach, advocacy, and educational work in our community. If you have signed up online for a membership within the last year, it is highly likely you have an automatically renewing membership. If your membership has not renewed automatically, you can manually renew it by filling out the become a member form. If you would like to cancel or manage an auto-renewing membership please log into the portal below. 

Have a question or running into an error? Please email Maria at

Are you looking to manage your current membership subscription? Please sign in to the Membership Management Portal below, to cancel your subscription, change your subscription type and/or change your payment method. When signing in, enter the email that your membership is connected to and you will receive a sign in code in your mailbox.