I understand I will not receive compensation as a volunteer with NAMI Washtenaw unless otherwise stated. As a volunteer of NAMI Washtenaw, I agree to uphold NAMI Washtenaw’s values and mission and I will treat with respect and consideration all persons, regardless of race, religion, gender, abilities or disabilities, age, sexual orientation, or national origin. I agree to comply with the following general policies of NAMI Washtenaw: 

  1. Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking – When participating in NAMI Washtenaw programs and activities, volunteers are prohibited from purchasing, transferring, using, or possessing illicit drugs, alcohol, or prescription drugs in any way illegal. This policy ensures a drug- and alcohol-free location that is safe, healthy, and productive. Smoking is prohibited throughout the workplace and within 50 feet of any exterior entrance. This policy applies to volunteers, employees, and visitors. 
  2. Harassment – Working on NAMI Washtenaw programs, projects, and operations should be an enjoyable experience. Any volunteer who feels he or she is the subject of harassment should immediately speak to his/her staff contact or supervisor to resolve the issue. The incident (and any resolution) must be reported to the Executive Director. 

Confidentiality Statement 

As a volunteer of NAMI Washtenaw, you may come in contact with and/or have access to certain personal financial and/or health information of individuals involved with NAMI Washtenaw or who request or utilize our services. This information may include, but is not limited to, any medical, social, referral, personal, and/or financial information. This information may be received either verbally or written and is considered confidential.  If you have a concern or question regarding an individual, please communicate directly and privately with the Volunteer Coordinator and make every effort to maintain confidentiality on the issue. Volunteers must seek staff permission prior to taking any pictures or videos.

I understand that as a volunteer I will help to the best of my ability in accordance with the policies of the organization and will maintain complete confidentiality concerning all the information about daily interactions with people served through NAMI Washtenaw. I also understand that unauthorized disclosure or personal use of such information is strictly prohibited and can result in dismissal. 

By checking the box in the volunteer application the volunteer acknowledges that he/she/they have read and agree to comply with the agreement outlined above.