Virtues in Recovery

As an individual who has suffered a considerable amount of emotional trauma in my adolescent years (typically an emotionally volatile period of life), I have found this goodness and love—the most fundamental virtue of my relationship with my creator—in the early years of my childhood, which has paved the way for my personal recovery through mental illness and has revealed abundant avenues for immense personal growth.Continue reading Virtues in Recovery

A Personal Story

I believe that just as someone with diabetes might need to take a pill or get medical attention, the same goes for someone with a mental health condition. A person with a mental health condition is not their diagnosis or a label, but a person just like anyone else. Continue reading A Personal Story

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A Poem

1975 was the year psychobabble and Cognitive Behavior Therapy both made the pages of Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, and my dad re-married. My new word that summer in the backyard ofContinue reading A Poem