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I search often for articles and blogs dealing with topics related to mental illness that would appeal to our readers.  Here is a sampling of some recent finds. – Linda Koopmann

I have not yet viewed the film “That Way Madness Lies,” produced by filmmaker Sandra Luckow and her family about their attempt to navigate a broken mental health system. It should be available now on your local PBS station if you search for it.   

Struggles Parents/Family Face In Powerful Documentary About Mental Illness Will Be Shown On PBS – But Only If You Call! Do it! – Pete Earley retrieved from Pete Earley’s blog, Blog – Pete Earley on April 6, 2021.


I did view this video about people who have served the needs of Miami’s homeless population for many years. It is a moving story of human kindness.


The Treatment Advocacy Center is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating legal and other barriers to the timely and effective treatment of severe mental illness. The organization promotes laws, policies and practices for the delivery of psychiatric care and supports the development of innovative treatments for and research into the causes of severe and persistent psychiatric illnesses, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The Stanley Medical Research Institute is a fully integrated supporting organization to the Treatment Advocacy Center. Here are a few of their recent articles.

RESEARCH WEEKLY: March Research Roundup – Treatment Advocacy Center

RESEARCH WEEKLY: A Year of Living with the COVID-19 Pandemic – Treatment Advocacy Center

RESEARCH WEEKLY: COVID-19 Vaccination and Severe Mental Illness – Treatment Advocacy Center

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