A Poem: Sliding

The last couple months I’ve recognized some of my signs and symptoms of depression returning–especially anxiety, weepiness, and lack of energy. I’ve been sliding down the depression slide. I was surprised and thought I had mentally and physically made it through the pandemic. Met with my primary care doctor, who referred me to my therapist who I last met with two years ago. So grateful that he already knew my history-story. This booster therapy was very helpful. I know I’m going to be fine. 


Balancing at the top of my slide.

Feeling my slip in energy through tears and anxiety.

I hold tightly to keep from sliding more.

I remember the longer slides my Mother went on. 

Getting so tired it’s hard not to slip. 

I need to find the strength to climb back up. 

I know I can get there.

By Mary Palnau

Mary Palnau is a long-time volunteer for NAMI of Washtenaw County. She also volunteers with the Cancer Support Community of Ann Arbor, Wild Swan Theatre, and First Unitarian Church of Ann Arbor. She retired in 2017 after working for 43 years in administrative positions at the University of Michigan.

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