Who Knew Rocks Could Be So Kind?

Above: NAMI Washtenaw volunteers take part in the kindness rock painting party

By Jadan Shorts, NAMI Washtenaw Reporter

Have you ever wondered how you’d get through the holiday season? Or if you’d get in the mood to celebrate the holidays with the ones you love? Have you ever thought about how the holidays can bring people positive and negative reflections? NAMI WC’s Lend a Hand team has been considering these questions.

The Lend a Hand team got together with friends, family, and volunteers on Saturday, November 6th to create kindness rocks. Yes: kindness rocks. With the holiday season coming up, they thought it would be important to come together for a great cause. Lend a Hand member, Tracy Harris, hosted this event and did a great job putting it all together. Around twelve guests attended this event. Guests had the opportunity to meet other NAMI members, enjoy tasty snacks and listen to relaxing music. 

You or someone you love might be walking down a path in a park, look down, and spot a beautifully painted rock with a message that seems to have shown up just for them. Even a small rock with an encouraging word can change a life and at NAMI that’s what we want to do, change lives for the better.

We hope that this event will impact several lives and spread positive energy. The rocks will be spread throughout Washtenaw County parks and we can’t wait for people to see them. 

There will be more events like this, so if you missed this one, so don’t worry! Our kindness will touch you soon too. Whew! Who knew rocks could be so kind?

Jadan is a new volunteer at NAMI and a soon-to-be graduate of EMU. She loves to write and make herself available to new opportunities. She initially became interested in Mental Health awareness from watching her mom Carmen Hall, who is a personal growth coach residing in Cleveland, OH, and growing up watching her parents care and learn more about her brother Jordan who is autistic. Jadan is excited to stop the stigma that’s connected to Mental Health.

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