A Poem

The Bond

By William 


All my life, I have never met a truer friend

Her eyes catch mine

Filled with tears, and in hers

I see only her concern for my reflection.


Holding her head in my hands,

I press my head against hers

And she collapses, paws up

In a puddle to scratch her belly.


She listens to me sing,

Waits at my feet while I draw or write,

Attends my side, night and day

When I don’t feel well enough to go on.


Without her I am angry and confused,

With her I am comforted and loved.

She knows my every movement,

Tracks my every sound.


She’s gotten into my bloodstream

I can feel her behind my eyes

And the many ways in which we differ

Part like the morning mist at our feet.


How you hold me up,

Saying to me, “these  storms will pass.”

“It won’t be long now.”

“Hold on tight, my drowning boy.”


“Rise up, rise up

On wings like eagles

Run with me

Though you are weary.”

William lives in mid-Michigan. He has a five-year-old daughter. He has written poetry for 28 years, wrote for a spiritual blog for five years, and writes for various blogs and newsletters.

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  1. This poem conveys so articulately what value a pet can be to us on so many levels. Thank you William for sharing your gift of writing with us!

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