William’s Survivor Song Playlist

By William

Folk, rock and alternative rock picks that have gotten me through the rough spots:

  1. Passenger ‘Survivors’
  2. The Killers ‘Battle Born’
  3. Foals ‘The Runner’
  4. Daughter ‘New Ways’
  5. REM ‘The Outsiders’
  6. London Grammar ‘Talking’
  7. U2 ‘Drowning Man’
  8. The Killers ‘Running Towards A Place’
  9. Aurora ‘Runaway’
  10. Blanco White ‘Colder Heavens’
  11. Aimee Man ‘Patient Zero’
  12. London Grammar ‘Sights’
  13. Joy Oladokun ‘Look Up’
  14. U2 ’40’

William lives in southern Michigan. He is married and has a six-year-old daughter. He has written poetry for 28 years, wrote for a spiritual blog for seven years, and writes for various blogs and newsletters. He has authored several books.

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