Jane’s Personal Anthem Playlist

By Jane Hamilton

There are some great songs about moving on and/or personal anthem songs, about standing up for yourself, coping skills, and self-care. Some that I can think of are: 

  1. Alicia Keys ‘Brand New Me’ and ‘Girl on Fire’ (At many times my head is in the clouds, but I’m happy that both feet now seem to be on the ground).
  2. P!nk ‘Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken’ and ‘A Million Dreams’ (I really like the idea of living in a world that we design even if they call me crazy, in my mania I have designed a world of peace and love for all).
  3. Sia ‘Unstoppable’ (I don’t like hiding your feelings and faking it on the outside though).
  4. Imagine Dragons ‘Top of the World’ (I realize sometimes you gotta go for the rhythm or the rhyme and sacrifice grammar but in this case I think they could’ve used given instead of gave).
  5. Carrie Underwood ft. Ludacris ‘The Champion’ I love love love this one with a few of the lyrics tweaked; I don’t like the ‘the’ champion, looking ‘up’ at me, or the ‘Ima own ya’ (maybe ‘on my own ya’ instead), or the ‘name in lights’ ideas as if it were done for the fame and at other people’s expense and as if I’m the only champion. I guess it’s okay to be “The champion” because we are all our own greatest and we are the champions of ourselves).
  6. Natasha Bedingfield ‘Unwritten’ (this was one of my theme songs when I got divorced; it gave me hope).

Other recommendations:

Destiny’s Child ‘Independent Women Part I’ 

Sara Bareilles ‘Brave’

Survivor ‘Eye of the Tiger’

David Guetta ‘Titanium’

Miley Cyrus ‘The Climb’

Andra Day ‘Rise Up’

Rachel Platten ‘Fight Song’

Demi Lovato ‘Confident’

Gloria Gaynor ‘I Will Survive’

Katy Perry ‘Roar’

Kelly Clarkson ‘Stronger’ and ‘Since U Been Gone’

Gotye ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’

Ariana Grande/Iggy Azalea ‘One Less Problem’

Demi Lovato ‘Confident’

Sia ‘The Greatest’

Jonas Brothers ‘Cool’

Queen ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’

Helen Reddy ‘I Am Woman’

Elton John ‘I’m Still Standing’

The Greatest Showman ‘This is Me’

Kelly Clarkson ‘Broken & Beautiful’

Michael Jackson ‘Bad’

Dougie MacLean ‘Ready for the Storm’

Mariah Carey ‘Vision of Love’

Panic! At The Disco ‘High Hopes’

Whitney Houston ‘One Moment In Time’

ABBA ‘Dancing Queen’

Andy Grammer ‘Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah)’

Meghan Trainor ‘Good To Be Alive’

OneRepublic ‘Good Life’

Coldplay ‘Paradise’

What are some songs you like for moving on or for a personal anthem song? Do you like it the way it is or would you tweak some of the lyrics? 


Jane had her first psychotic break when she was 37 years old and in a marriage that was harmful to her well-being. After a brutal divorce and years of psychotic manic episodes (with a pattern of wanting truth and love and world peace) and hospitalizations, she decided to eliminate the stress of her job and quit. Since then, she has been taking meds and attending groups regularly and has been hospitalization free and plans to remain that way. She hopes to inspire others on their journeys to mental wellness.

One thought on “Jane’s Personal Anthem Playlist

  1. These are great selections. I rediscovered a few songs that help me:

    These two get me moving:
    Sweet Freedom – Michael McDonald
    You Only Get What You Give (You’ve Got the Music In You) – The Young Radicals

    This is comforting:
    Love is the Answer – Todd Rundgren

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